Monday, May 13, 2019

2nd grade field trip to Natural Bridge and Virginia Safari Park

Our 2nd graders recently went on an exciting field trip, and we are excited to have this guest blog post by Ms. Williams to share the details.

On Friday, May 3rd, second graders enjoyed a wonderful day in the valley exploring Natural Bridge and the Virginia Safari Park. With the support of our wonderful PTO and parent chaperones, 89 second graders headed via charter bus to Natural Bridge in Lexington, Virginia.  

The first view of Natural Bridge is breathtaking and our students were amazed to learn that you can stack two Statues of Liberty underneath the bridge!  Students walked along the beautiful Cedar Creek Trail, explored a cave and puzzled over the Lost River.  At the Monacan Village, students went inside a longhouse and a wigwam, and learned about how the Monacan Indians used their natural resources to live.

At Virginia Safari Park, we enjoyed a relaxing lunch and then explored the zoo with our chaperones before boarding the wagons for a tour of the park.  Students fed llamas, emus and ostriches, different varieties of deer, some massive buffalo and elk, pot-bellied pigs and goats.  The blue tongue of the giraffe made our students roar with laughter, and they were thrilled when colorful birds landed on their finger or food stick.  

It was just a great day, and as one second grade student said, “This was the best field trip ever!”
Thank you to everyone who made this trip such a big success for our students!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

1st grade field trip to WildRock!

Recently our 1st graders had an amazing field trip to Wild Rock.Here's a guest blog post written by Ms. Schwab  about the 1st grade field trip to WildRock:

First graders had an incredible trip to WildRock Natural Play and Discovery Center in April. Thank you so much to our chaperones! Students got to go on a nature hike while searching for clues, build a fort, splash in a stream, hide in the hobbit house, and much, much more! It was a perfect day!

We are looking ahead to our next trip in May, to Open Gate Farm, where we will “romp with the piglets, gather eggs from under a hen, hold baby chicks, learn how to milk a goat, pet the sows, talk with the turkeys, taste herbs, berries, and fresh vegetables, ramble on a nature walk, and much more!” We can’t wait! 

Guest post from 2nd and 5th grade

This is a guest post written by Mr. Gomez (5th grade) and Ms. Williams (2nd grade) about a recent collaboration for a project on Famous Americans. Check it out here:

When fifth graders heard that second grade students were learning about famous Americans, they wanted to help! Fifth grade took on the challenge of researching, writing, and creating presentations to engage their audience. The kindness and collaboration of second grade has allowed fifth graders to take on leadership roles within our school community. Mr. Gomez was impressed with the focus, attention, and participation of the second graders throughout all the fifth grade presentations. What a great project!