Sunday, June 10, 2018

A unique picture at Baker-Butler

This is a unique picture that we took recently at Baker-Butler.

In it, we have all three principals who have ever served at the school. Keith Hammon (2002-2007) and Dave Cushman (2007-2014) came back to our 5th grade Moving Up Ceremony with Steve Saunders (2014-present).

They were joined by Ms. Jimmy Reid, the original landowner of our property. She lived here with her husband from 1950-2000, when she sold all 55 acres to Albemarle County to build a new school.

Dr. Marie Baker, widow of Colonel John Baker (one of our namesakes), also joined us for this event. Dr. Baker still visits Baker-Butler regularly, and she continues the tradition her husband started of bringing 2 bushels of local apples in the fall for the staff.

We appreciate the deep contributions of Dr. Baker, Ms. Reid, Mr. Cushman, and Mr. Hammon.

The end to an amazing 2017-2018 school year

We had a fantastic end to the 2017-2018 school year. Some of the highlights of the last week include Field Day, 4th grade Egg Drop competition, our 5th grade Moving Up Ceremony, and waving goodbye to all of our students on the buses on the last day.

Thanks to all of our students, families, and staff for an amazing 2017-2018 school year. We hope that you all have a wonderful summer!

Field Day pictures

Thanks to our PE department, teachers, and many parent volunteers for an amazing Field Day 2018!

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Baker-Butler in the news

Recently Delegate David Toscano visited Baker-Butler to discuss school safety in his role as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Mr. Toscano is a member of the House Select Committee on School Safety.

Here are some links to stories of his visit.

What do you wonder?

Curiosity is an important part of every child's development, both in and outside of school.
Recently some of our students had the opportunity to get some of their questions answered by a special guest.

Our second grade teacher, Ms. Lisa Harman, shares:

Hoping to inspire curiosity and strengthen problem solving, one second grade class has started working on a weekly ‘Wondering’ question.  The idea was developed with the help of UVA students from Dr. Elgin Cleckley’s Design Thinking course.  The first question posed to students was “How many school buses are there for all of the ACPS?”  Students worked in pairs, groups, and individually to figure out their answers.  They shared their thought process with classmates and voted on the four answers whose processes they thought made the most sense.  

This week, Mr. Jim Foley, the Director of Transportation for ACPS, came to second grade to share information about our county’s school bus fleet. He also gave the students the actual answer: 220 buses!  Mr. Foley also shared the elaborate process for canceling school for weather events and answered other transportation questions.   It was an exciting way for students to check their work!  They are looking forward to next Wednesday’s Wondering! 

One group sharing their math work with the class.

Students count the buses on a diagram of those at Baker-Butler to get started on their calculations.